22 December 2022

10 Budget-Friendly Party Ideas Guaranteed To Blow Your Employees Away

As the holiday season approaches, the topic of discussion among employees and many businesses across the world continues to center on end-of-year, budget friendly party ideas. However, with so many businesses still adjusting to a post-pandemic reality, many employers would want to keep the celebrations low-key while still making it memorable for their staff.

Although experts recommend yearly staff parties to enhance employee loyalty and retention, the considerable expense of preparing end-of-year celebrations can be frustrating.

Not to mention the significant amount of energy and time required for event preparation and implementation, which can further exhaust employees.

But instead of canceling the office holiday parties and disappointing your employees, you can choose from a variety of  budget friendly party ideas and throw a splendid holiday party.

This post will look at low-cost employee party ideas that are fun and interesting while also enhancing employee morale and satisfaction.

Explore these  budget friendly party ideas below to get into the Christmas spirit without losing a lot of employee time, hard-earned company dollars, or planning effort.

Ugly Sweater Day

The purpose of holiday ugly sweater parties is to break up the serious tone and monotony of day-to-day corporate daily grind. They allow individuals to be as silly, free, and fun as they want in a safe environment, and it’s one step closer to a judgment-free business environment.

This challenge to see who can wear the ugliest holiday sweater of all time can be a source of amusement all day. Include photo sessions and refreshments provided by the company as part of the celebration.

Board Game Party

A catered lunch and company-supplied refreshments might be part of an afternoon focused on employees enjoying games together.

Card games, shuffleboard, basketball, board games, Pictionary, table tennis, pool, and other similar activities are perfect for hours of entertainment and friendly rivalry.

Costume Party

A costume party may be a highly interesting party concept that allows employees to explore and express different aspects of their creativity.

The outfits might be themed or unique. Different teams can even compete for the best outfits.

Secret Santa

A Secret Santa event is a fun way to boost employee engagement while also ensuring that every employee receives a gift. All that is required is that each employee draw a name from a bowl holding all the names of the participating employees.

Then, each employee is meant to acquire a present for the person they choose. To make things easier, a list is usually shared for each employee to write a shortlist of what they’d want to receive – with a price cap.

The presents are then exchanged on a predetermined day, along with refreshments and photo shoots to make the occasion memorable.

Lunch ‘N’ Learn

Snack boxes and other treats may just be the office equivalent of family dinners.

Bonding over food is a party 101 essential, and it provides your employees with the energy they need to dance, laugh, and enjoy the party all day. Besides, a dinner together is a nice way to bring people closer.

Office Talent Show

You’d be astonished at the non-corporate abilities you’ll uncover when you conduct a talent show for your staff. Encouraging your staff to show off other elements of their personalities may boost their morale significantly.

An Office Talent Show is an excellent opportunity to get to know your coworkers on a more personal level. This allows everyone in the office to show off their secret abilities under the spotlight.

All you need is a sign-up form for a talent show and an improvised stage. You might also include rewards to entice the shy ones.

Photo Booth

DIY Photo Booths are popular at parties because they effortlessly fit right in with today’s culture. Nowadays, there’s no shame in pulling out the selfie stick, and there’s nothing stopping you and your friends from recording a moment using a photo booth at a party.

You could instruct your communications team to create a spectacular make-shift photo booth or even obtain authentic photo booth items to make your end of year employee party an unforgettable experience.

Recognition Party

Recognition parties are usually very efficient and easy ways to boost employee morale. The best part is that they can be done at the end of the year or even quarterly. They are most effective when anchored by either the CEO or a high-ranking member of the company.

You could have your employees dress up for the event and even have trophies made to serve as physical symbols of appreciation. 

Bring A Dish

Throwing a “Bring a dish” party gives your employees the opportunity to show off their culinary skills. You may either offer a recipe list for them to choose from or leave it up to their imagination.

In any case, it offers the ideal team bonding experience as well as a simple method to provide a variety of food options for everyone at the party.

Karaoke Night

Karaoke night is a fantastic way to entertain your staff – whether they are lip-syncing or know the actual lyrics.

This corporate party activity will truly provide everyone with the opportunity for others to hear their voice!

If you don’t have access to a karaoke machine, YouTube is a great place to get all of the finest and most popular songs in their karaoke version.

Last Notes..

While your company structure and employee size should influence your choice of which  budget friendly party idea to choose, you can also creatively combine one or more of the listed ideas and create a party your employees will remember for ages.