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At Proten International, our HR Advisory services are designed to meet your organization’s complex business requirements. We work with our clients to understand their problems and design the best approach to proffer them with the best solution. 


Our goal is to revamp your business with feasible strategies and map a performance growth path. 

Key Features of our Advisory Services

We choose the most appropriate cause of action to meet your defined goals. We help you to determine your position in the market by designing a competitive strategy, which will not only apply to your organization as a whole, but also, to each individual unit and departments throughout your organization

Change is inevitable in every business sphere. Factors such as : New Technology, Taste and Preferences, Governmental Policies etc. can necessitate it. Most changes sweep in unannounced, forcing unprepared organizations prematurely out of business. Proten International framework that will link your today’s business needs with tomorrow’s expected outcomes

It is best practice for organizations to conduct an HR audit each year to comprehensively review current human resources policies, procedures, documentation and systems, to identify needs for improvement and enhancement of the HR function as well as to assess compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations. We help our clients conduct yearly HR audits, which in return, helps them to improve on operations and overall performance

Proten International helps organizations to design a standard Performance Appraisal Systems that enhances decision making, continuous organizational learning and accountability for individual performance. We integrate our client’s organizational goals into our performance processes, with a strong focus on achieving improved results

No organization can function in isolation. The right people are needed to fill the right positions for optimal results. Proten International will help you study your current talent base, analyze your business goals then come up with a strategy on acquiring a forward-thinking team with the right talents and skills, which will reduce attrition costs for your organization

Every organization needs a blueprint to work with. Proten International helps our clients design policies and processes that cover Recruitment, Training, Performance Management, Compensation & Benefit Administration

We believe that employees who embrace and hold the organization's mission and culture as their own, are more engaged in their work and in the organization as a whole. Here, we assist organizations set a clear and well defined organizational culture, whilst ensuring employees understand it, believe in it and work with it. We ensure it aligns with your organizational objectives for continued growth

Our Approach

At Proten International, we take these 8 collaborative approach to HR Advisory

Benefits of our HR Advisory

Partnering with Proten International for HR advisory offers numerous benefits, including:

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Unlock your business growth with our feasible strategies and insights