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Why Proten Talent Acquisition?

We are a talent acquisition firm that has a vast talent pool in our database, a network of connections and systems to leverage on, and a result-driven experienced team who have the knowledge of whichever technical roles your organization wants to fill and the required skills needed to fill them.

What Differentiates Us

Timeliness & Efficiency

We have an ever-increasing data pool of candidates across various industries, experience levels, and job roles.

International Footprint

As an international organization, Proten International is well-versed in both local and international standard practices. This enables us to deliver our services with the highest level of excellence, ensuring that your organization benefits from global best practices.

Experienced Team

Our recruiters combine their in-depth understanding of their industries with their vast network of industry experts to get quality talent for organizations.


We ensure that qualified candidates are given free employability and life skills training to enable them to function effectively at their jobs.

Our Offerings

Wherever in the world you need to fill roles for your organization, you can rely on Proten International. Our proficiency and technology-based approach enable our recruitment team to deliver a need-based pool of candidates with high proficiency in areas assessed, while our offering is designed to meet your time expectations, quality standards, and project budget.

Our graduate recruitment offering is a segmented but well-integrated end-to-end process that covers key initiatives such as identification, segmentation, engaging, sourcing, and, assessment of the target talent pool. As part of this offering, we manage graduate recruitment campaigns for our local and international clients. Our client assessments are designed to identify and select the highest caliber graduates for our client organizations.

Our executive search and selection for C-Level hires specializes in addressing your strategic hiring needs with a focus on delivering results and building an enduring institution. Our time-tested approach, tools, and techniques are applied in identifying and assessing suitable candidates who best match your requirements and organizational culture.

We recruit professionals for supervisory, managerial, and mid-management cadres with quality work experience in diverse functions in different industries. With our bespoke sourcing and assessment techniques, we can recruit the best-fit candidate for various functional roles for our clients in diverse industries.

We offer specialized recruitment services aimed at importing specific talents and skills from the expatriate and repatriate communities; this is done by leveraging our relationships, affiliations, and industrial network.

Psychometric tests, Competency Based Assessments, Technical Assessments.

Benefits of Partnering with us

Time Saved

Partnering with Proten International enables you to concentrate on core services instead of worrying about staffing. The screening process has several vital steps, and these steps take up time when you are conducting them on your own. We will see to it that these steps are taken care of before you meet anyone for your interviews.

Money Saved

We have a proven track record of finding the right employees for the job. When you meet with our narrowed-down choices, you can feel more confident in your final decision. Hiring the wrong employee to work can cost you more money down the line, but hiring with us will make your decision feel more assured.

Access To The Best

We have access to the best talent available. This includes access to talent that is currently employed elsewhere. These qualified individuals sometimes work discreetly with us when they are looking for a new challenge or opportunity.

High Quality Staff

For us, providing staff is our business. This means that we maintain an array of high-quality staff with a wide range of skills. This gives us in-depth knowledge of recruiting and training.

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