The Complete HR Glossary for the Nigerian Workspace

Welcome to the complete and definitive HR glossary and dictionary for the Nigerian workspace.

Human resource management has been an integral part of any kind of organizational infrastructure since the inception of advanced business models in Nigeria. However, a complete Nigerian HR glossary detailing common words used in the Nigerian work environment has surprisingly been missing!

The HR Department wields the power to grease the turning wheels of an organization by ensuring the employees maintain a positive workflow. However, for employees to fully enjoy the benefits and advantages of a functioning HRM, there are several HR glossaries and terminologies that should be fingertip knowledge.

Whether you’re planning to begin your HR journey, or you already have substantial HR experience, this complete  Nigerian HR glossary is an invaluable workspace resource.

Although there are several global HR glossary lists, we noted that comprehensive local HR terminologies are not easily obtainable. Hence, we decided to curate a list of the key HR terms that are commonly used in the Nigerian workspace as well as in African and global enterprises.

This comprehensive Nigerian HR glossary can serve as a good resource material to make your work easier as well as to ensure that you know the right terminologies to use each time you’re talking HR and better navigate the Nigerian HR industry.


Due to the extremely flexible nature of the business industry, HR terms and descriptions often have different acronyms in different regions. Hence, we shall continue to update this glossary as we discover more local terminologies. Feel free to reach out to our HR Advisory team if you need help with Human Resource concerns.