Ademola FagbileLead, Recruitment and Selection

Ademola Fagbile - Proten International

Ademola Fagbile has a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration and Management. He currently leads the Recruitment and Selection Team at Proten International. His talent hunting knowledge has been tested and polished in a variety of sectors where he has worked as both a recruitment specialist and a consultant. Ademola’s expertise in technical recruiting has enabled him to build and implement efficient hiring strategies for customers in every area of the business world. 

Ademola has risen through the ranks of various management and recruitment organizations as a result of his excellent eye for finding great talent and developing long-term client connections. His HR consulting experience spans numerous industries, including banking, power, oil and gas, and telecommunications. 

He has experience in company management and has worked as a growth expert, connecting diverse firms across various sectors to the right employees via organised hiring funnels. He is now in charge of talent acquisition and the recruitment of top talents for local and international organizations.

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