Workplace Grooming – How To Set Up Your Work Wardrobe On A Budget

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Making a good first impression is critical whether you are entering a workplace for the first time or have been there for a decade. And with a new year comes the need for new resources, from replacing worn-out gadgets to updating your corporate wardrobe. But, with so much to buy at the start of a new year, how can you set up your work wardrobe on a budget?

Looking professional and maintaining proper grooming habits will not only earn you the respect of your coworkers, but will also help you establish a classic and unique brand image. A lack of these may result in a poor image and may jeopardize your chances of making a good impression and receiving positive feedback from your coworkers and superiors.

Yet, with so much to do on a tight budget, how can you update your work wardrobe on a budget? We’ll give you a few pointers and leave you to get creative.

Corporate Wardrobe Format For Employees

Whether you want to seem sophisticated every time you enter a professional setting or you want to create a brand image, understanding what to wear and how to wear it will help you build a trendy work wardrobe on a budget.

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind the next time you need to dress up. 



A fitting or two-piece suit with matching shoes is always appropriate for team meetings or strategy sessions. In terms of colors, blue or black are typically used in corporate environments. Other conservative colors to consider are navy and grey. Suits are typically made from high-quality fibers such as wool and wool blends. 

Remember, your suit doesn’t need to be expensive; it just needs to be tailored to your size to look great.


Suits should be well-fitting but not too tight. Suits in black, navy, grey, and dark grey are typical corporate hues. If you want to wear pants, make sure the cuff does not drag on the floor.

Suits are often ideal for team meetings, strategy sessions, or speaking engagements.



Long-sleeve shirts in white, light blue, or any other conservative pattern are acceptable. Long sleeve shirts are appropriate for every season and can be worn all year.


Tailored blouses in muted colors are ideal additions to a lady’s business attire. On occasion, a high-quality knit sweater can complement your professional appearance while also keeping you warm.


If you’re wearing a jacket, your skirt should complement it. And, ideally, they should cover the thighs when sitting. Hosiery should be plain or thin. It should also go well with a suit, if you intend to wear one.


Ties can be confusing. When purchasing ties, excellent quality silk is usually a feature of a decent tie. Depending on the color of the suits you intend to wear, choose ties in complementary but brighter colors.

work-wardrobe-on-a-budget-protenBelt and jewelry

Match your belt to your shoes. Jewelry should be light, and a classic timepiece certainly adds to the whole style.




Shoes and socks


Mid-calf socks are ideal for business environments. You could choose dark tones or bright and plain designs.

Leather shoes with laces or slip-on work shoes are excellent and inexpensive.


You can wear a leather pump in a color that complements your outfit. Wearing matching shoes with your handbag will add an attractive touch to your look.

The Fundamentals of Professional Grooming

While there are numerous elements that contribute to office efficiency, establishing strong professional standards in the workplace can assist an individual keep organized and build healthy relationships with coworkers.

Physical interactions have also decreased dramatically as a result of hybrid work schedules.

However, there are some workplace grooming guidelines that every employee should be aware of if they want to project a positive image during social or professional interactions. 

Here is a collection of workplace grooming ideas for the classic employee.

  1. Wear business clothes in bright shades.
  2. Wear light perfume and cologne, and avoid wearing a lot of jewelry.
  3. Keep your pockets empty and, as much as possible, avoid tinkling coins, keys, and bulges.
  4. Always keep your teeth, fingernails, face, hair, and shoes neat and clean.
  5. When carrying essential documents, use a portfolio bag or a small briefcase rather than stacking them in folders and carrying them under your armpits.
  6. When you’re at work, avoid eating candy, smoking cigarettes, and chewing gum.
  7. Tattoos and body piercings should be avoided as much as possible because they make you appear untidy and unprofessional.

Last Notes..

First impressions are important, and the way you dress and carry yourself has an impact on the people you work with.

If your employer has a dress code or other criteria, use them as recommendations when putting together your work wardrobe on a budget.

Wearing the correct attire may help you feel confident and comfortable in your surroundings, as well as demonstrate that you care about your company’s image. Here’s a link to our blog where you can learn more about workplace grooming and other HR issues.


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