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The process of completing an effective background check may be one of the most valuable aspects of any organization. However, as with many vital activities in life, it is not always an easy and uncomplicated process. It may be difficult for business owners to build a loyal and effective crew without engaging in some type of background verification exercise. And, quite often, the stage of verifying a new employee is the greatest opportunity to check all of your boxes.

In this article, we’ll look at how small businesses can maintain high levels of transparency in their hiring process – even with little resources – and establish an effective team that they can always rely on.

What Does Background Verification Include?

While there are some generic processes in the background verification process, the specifics of a background check are usually determined by what the potential employer judges to be relevant to the job profile.

Furthermore, because each component of a background check is designed to uncover a certain aspect of a candidate’s background, it’s critical to precisely outline the procedures involved in order to maintain high levels of accuracy.

Regardless of the work position or industry, here is a list of the key background checks you should conduct when verifying a new employee.

  • Verify employment record
  • Verify education timeline
  • Verify debt history
  • Verify criminal records
  • Verify valid licenses & certifications

verifying-employee-protenWhy Do We Do Background Verification?

Currently, data from reputable recruiters show that more than 53% of job seekers disclose incorrect information on their applications or during the interview process. And, with organizations aiming to reduce the time it takes to fill technical positions by implementing ATS software, background verification has become a critical step.

a. Determining Suitability

Because of the inherent nature of many high-profile jobs, conducting a background check to evaluate appropriateness is seen as a vital part of the verification process. If a new employee was fired from a previous job, studying the main cause can help you, as a new employer, assess whether the candidate will be a suitable fit for your current team.

In addition, whether you’re looking for a chief financial officer or accountant, background checks that incorporate financial grading can help you establish a candidate’s suitability.

b. Avoiding Legal Tussles

Verifying a new employee ensures that you are made aware of any incidents or potential actions by the employee that may harm or tarnish your organization in the future. If an employee conceals a “criminal history,” it may result in legal costs or even physical harm in the event of a provocation.

c. Building Credibility

The ability to rely on your personnel begins with the hiring process. You want to be confident in their capacity to deliver, which is only feasible if you are confident in their ability to accomplish the task for which they have been employed.

d. Maintain High Levels Of Workforce Productivity

Conducting an efficient background check on new workers dramatically decreases the danger of workplace theft. While many job seekers do not have criminal records, background checks allow companies to examine and assess character qualities that a potential employee may have.

These characteristics may have the potential to influence other members of your workforce, which is why you must select individuals who are aligned with your company’s goals.

verifying-employee-protenKey Steps To Verifying A New Employee

Aside from the difficulty of conducting an accurate background check on your employees on a restricted budget, the increasing demands of the business world drive many businesses to disregard the need of background checks.

Fortunately, Proten International simplifies this procedure for many firms in a variety of industries, allowing them to focus on growth and expansion. The best aspect is that you can run a variety of searches whether you’re screening potential new workers or current staff.

Many of our background check services provide you the option of paying for a pre-packaged package of screenings or just the ones you need.

However, if you want a step-by-step instruction on background checks, here’s a list of simple and inexpensive verification techniques you can use.

1. Develop A Policy

Conducting a background check exercise on a job candidate without a systematic and logical format is what many managers and companies find difficult. Creating a defined policy makes it easier to create a budget, which can subsequently be used to verify new employees in the future.

2. Begin The Onboarding Process

Of course, before you consider doing a background check on a potential employee, you must first present a job offer. Carrying out the background verification process for a new employee during the onboarding period makes it easier to get them to collaborate.

This can be quite beneficial because the new employee considers the entire procedure as part of their onboarding strategy rather than the acts of a snoopy employer.

3. Notify The Employee in Focus

You should inform all candidates right away that your organization conducts pre-employment background checks, drug testing, and other qualifying exams for employment. This not only provides them with fair warning, but it may also weed out applicants who are aware that a background check will disqualify them from eligibility.

4. Consult With A Lawyer

Before conducting pre-employment background checks, it is always a good idea to talk with a lawyer. They can assist you in moving forward in the proper direction.

5. Save Your Records

It is critical to keep the information gathered from a background check on a new employee discreet. The safe storage of these files assures that they can be easily accessed in the future. Whether you’re certifying a new employee or doing continuous background checks on your personnel, securely preserving these files is a vital step in protecting your company from future legal issues.

Last Notes..

As a pre-employment background check, you may be tempted to conduct a quick web “people search” on your own. However, while this approach may be inexpensive, you may face costly implications if the results are incorrect.

If you want to do trustworthy and lawful background checks on job seekers, you should hire a professional third-party background check provider.

Luckily, we’ve developed the perfect budget-friendly background check framework which we’ve used to assist many companies to hire only the most qualified candidates. 


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