Enitan FolamiSenior Team Lead, Background Verification

Enitan Folami - Proten International

Enitan Folami is the Senior Team Lead for Background Verification (360 Verify by Proten).

Her experience cuts across the banking sector and the security and investigation industry. She is skilled in transactional due diligence while in the banking sector and identity checks and verification in her most recent experience. From the Mandate and Verification desk to background checks of individuals, employees, and potential employees of clients. She and her team assist our clients to mitigate identity risk during the recruitment process, credit application amongst other value-adding processes of our clients.

She is experienced in carrying out credit checks which involve reaching out to various credit bureaus and registries, criminal checks including Police Clearance Check (PCC), and access to the database of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) among other identity databases.

Enitan is a specialist in:

  • Criminal record check
  • Credit check
  • Police Clearance Check (PCC)
  • Character check
  • Personal due diligence
  • Address verification
  • Non-impediment check
  • Previous employment check
  • Reference and/or guarantors’ check
  • Professional qualification check
  • Educational history check

She has managed Verification’s project for clients in Africa and in the Middle East and is a member of Human Resources Certification Institute (PHRi).

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