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About PAss

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.” - Albert Einstein

Proten Assessment or PAss is Proten International’s Candidate Assessment solution focused on helping employers, businesses and education providers conduct reliable, credible and relevant assessments.

Save Time and Cost

Save time to focus on more critical tasks in your recruitment or examination processes. Save cost by examining each individual’s capacity before making costly decisions.

Application and Usage

Whether you’re a recruiter hoping to find highly skilled candidates, an employer looking to examine staff competency, an education provider looking to assess applicants or individuals aiming at self-assessment, PAss is for everyone.

Out of the Box

PAss takes examinations to another level. Our solution integrates cutting-edge and seamless technologies to ensure credible remote and physical proctoring can be conducted, supervised and reported for more accurate decision making.

No Limits

With PAss, there are no limits to how many individuals you can examine, job functions, or subject technicality. We can also examine candidates from any location, and internet connectivity is no longer a challenge.

Flexible Pricing

Whether you are examining small or large amount of individuals, our pay-as-you-use model is tailored to fit your budget and business scope or size.

Deep Insights

Data shows that details on candidates’ resumes cannot be entirely trustworthy. PAss gives you deeper insights into competence and skill.

Multiple Tests to Examine Any Candidate

Logical Test

Aptitude Test

Academic Subjects

Job-Specific Test

Multiple Choice


Mathematics and Formula


Design and Drawing

Interactive Simulations

Range of Features and Solutions

Extensive Question Selection

Candidates can be examined on an unlimited array of logical, verbal, quantitative, academic and career-based subjects and questions including coding and design.

Remote Proctoring

PAss ensures the credibility and integrity of candidate results by using remote proctoring solutions (webcam and device monitoring) and time-based assessment.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage ensures that every examinees progress during the examination is safely stored in the cloud and recoverable even when power or internet goes out.

Multi-device Setup

PAss can be deployed and accessed by the examinee on desktop computers, personal computers and tablets.

Formula Editor

PAss integrates an online mathematical formula editor that allows examinees to seamlessly input, compute, edit, calculate and submit math-based solutions.

Automated Evaluation

With remote and automated exam marking and evaluation, you never have to spend time reading through submissions and evaluating performance.

Physical Testing

PAss can be deployed for physical examinations at designated testing centres agreed by both Proten International and the client.

Multilingual Setup

PAss content, questions and interface can be customised to suit international language setups. That’s more inclusive participation and fewer language barriers.

Reporting and Recommendations

What next after the examinations? PAss provides in-depth and easy-to-digest results, reporting and recommendations to help you make better decisions.

Pay-As-You-Use Pricing

No matter your business type, size or amount of examinable candidates, our pay-as-you-use model is tailored to fit your budget.

1-50 candidates

51-100 candidates

101 above candidates

PAss for Business


₦10,000 / candidate

₦5,000 / candidate

₦3,000 / candidate

PAss for Education

For schools, educational providers, certification bodies and ngos 

₦5,000 / candidate

₦3,000 / candidate

₦2,000 / candidate

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