Free Online Candidate Assessment Tools For Recruiters By Category

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As more businesses look for new ways to conduct efficient online candidate assessments, ATS software is being tuned to improve technical hiring processes. Getting your online applicant assessment program on track, however, needs more than just selecting an effective Applicant Tracking System. Because, depending on the focus of your hiring process, you’ll need to use an online candidate assessment tool to locate the best fit candidate for the position you’re hiring for.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most important features of top online candidate assessment tools, as well as a couple of the best performing online candidate assessment tools recommended by top recruiters worldwide.

But first..

How Do You Evaluate A Candidate online?

Work samples, cognitive ability tests, and job knowledge assessments are all effective predictors of job success throughout the pre-employment process. Time challenge activities and take-home coding assignments, for example, have shown to be particularly efficient ways to conduct candidate evaluation examinations for more technical roles.

online-assessment-protenFeatures Of The Best Candidate Assessment Tools

Pre-employment screening will help you uncover top personnel and establish high-performing teams more efficiently. The manner in which they do so is determined by their characteristics. While each tool is slightly different, we’ll highlight some key aspects to look for when selecting an online candidate assessment tool.

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Scalability
  • Customizability
  • Support
  • User Interface
  • Languages & Framework

online-assessment-protenAre There Different Types Of Online Candidate Assessment Tools?

Currently, online candidate assessment tools are divided into five major categories:


  • Video interview assessments
  • Coding assessments
  • Skills assessments
  • Cognitive screening
  • Psychographic screening

Video Interviewing Tools

You should absolutely start using a video interview tool if you want to evaluate more prospects faster. As seen by the data, HR managers and recruiters are increasingly embracing these tools to streamline and accelerate their hiring processes.

Here are a couple of the most popular video interview platforms among recruiters.


VidCruiter is the market leader in this category. They not only provide a robust solution for live and pre-recorded video interviews, but they also provide solutions for interview scheduling, virtual event hosting, applicant tracking, and general assessment. Samsung, Kraft Heinz, and KPMG are among their notable customers.

Unique Feature: The huge and extensive database of VidCruiter makes it an ideal fit for the extensive recruiting pool of medium and large organizations.


MyInterview has the power to reduce your hiring time by more than half by using machine learning algorithms that scan your database of video interviews and shortlist your most appropriate prospects.

Unique Feature: MyInterview is extremely simple to set up and can be integrated into your existing recruitment program practically instantly.


Willo assists everyone from freelance recruiters to huge organizations all around the world in discovering and connecting with brilliant people in much less time and with less judgment. Their free plan for life includes one interview, 20 video responses per month, a co-branded interview website, question bank, and a scheduling assistant.

Unique Feature: Willo’s distinguishing feature is that it can be a suitable fit for small teams, freelancers, independent contractors, or even major organizations with high volume assessment requirements.

Coding Assessment Tools

These tools enable you to explicitly assess candidates’ coding talents as well as broad technical capabilities to ensure they are qualified for an in-person interview. You can give everything from pre-screening to full-fledged coding tasks that are similar to the work they would accomplish as an employee.

Among the most notable are:


Test4Geeks provides a test library as well as the ability for users to construct their own tests. The assessments are largely quiz-style, helping the company to gain a stronger position throughout the screening process.

It’s simple to use and great for companies who want to screen candidates but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Unique Feature: The lack of complex and tedious features makes this tool the best alternative if you’re looking for simplicity.


Qualified is a developer-friendly tool for assessing developer skills. This application allows you to assess your skills by administering multi-file, language-specific online coding assessments that developers complete in their own development environment. The platform also allows for blind reviews, which can assist you in building a more diverse workforce.

Unique Feature: Qualified includes features like pair-programming interviews and code playback that make it simple to evaluate the cognitive abilities of developers.


CodeSubmit is the most adaptable and candidate-friendly software solution for administering and assessing coding assignments and technical interviews. CodeSubmit, designed to replace latter stage in-person interviews such as whiteboarding and live-programming, helps you to identify exceptional applicants by providing real tasks in the form of a take-home assignment.

The only platform that allows you to evaluate candidates’ framework expertise is CodeSubmit, and the CodeSubmit library presently covers over 50 of the most prominent languages, frameworks, and technologies used by frontend, backend, and mobile teams around the world.

Skill Assessment Tools

Skill assessment tools essentially allow you to test job-specific skills, general work skills, and/or soft skills to capture a picture of how a candidate could perform in the role. Text, multiple-choice, or video questions, document editing, code editing, and other skills assessments may be administered.


HireSelect is a testing platform that offers online pre-employment aptitude, personality, and skills exams (e.g. typing, MS Office.)

Unique Feature: These tests were created by Harvard psychologists to help you evaluate candidates objectively.


Skillsarena provides psychometric assessments and tests for a variety of abilities and competencies, including IQ, communication, numeracy, and computer skills. This tool also includes tests tailored to various sectors.

Unique Feature: There are specific assessments for areas like retail, housing, logistics, and banking.

Cognitive Screening Tools

If you want to assess a job candidate’s capacity to think, solve issues rapidly, and learn new things, you should employ cognitive screening methods. This information can assist you in understanding how to manage them and equip them for success in their new position.

Athena Assessment

The Athena Quotient (AQ) assesses candidates’ judgment, using the assumption that sound judgment is what makes people efficient at their jobs. You will receive a report on outcomes as soon as candidates complete the test.

Unique Feature: Screening outcomes are analyzed and released in real time.

HR Avatar 

HR Avatar provides simulation-based pre-employment examinations that assess several skills such as cognitive ability and job expertise. The assessments are animated rather than text-based, and they imitate real-world job scenarios (e.g. responding to a disgruntled customer.)

HR Avatar’s high-end simulations produce a user-friendly experience for candidates that is both realistic and easy to use.


McQuaig is one of the most renowned talent assessment tools, having been in business for over 50 years and providing personality and cognitive ability exams for a wide range of candidates.

You can create job profiles to compare candidates, or you can use McQuaig’s library of predefined job profiles based on real hiring data.

Psychographic Screening Tools

Psychoanalytic tools assist you in measuring and comprehending a candidate’s personality qualities, including values and interests. This might assist you decide how they’ll fit into a certain team as well as the overall culture of your organization.


The Berke Assessment is a test that can be tailored to assess personality and IQ. You may also use Berke to create “hiring profiles” — lists of ideal behavioral qualities and problem-solving skills – and assess each candidate’s results based on them.

Unique Feature: Berke has features that allow you to create model descriptions for effective evaluations.


ThriveMap develops individualized, realistic work simulation tests to assist recruiters in screening and ranking individuals quite accurately. Their tests immerse candidates in a digital “day in the life” of a particular field inside the organization, keeping in mind how expected behaviors usually unfold within your organization.

Unique Feature: Job simulations can be designed to mirror actual job profiles, providing each candidate with an authentic yet personal experience.


Saberr provides a method for determining cultural fit. This tool combines statistics and analytics to identify whether a candidate shares your team’s values. Saberr also forecasts how well the candidate will get along with other members of the team.

Unique Feature: Saberr’s outstanding analytical capabilities allow it to anticipate a candidate’s compatibility with the existing team with high accuracy.

Last Notes…

Recruiters and top executives are increasingly interested in using online candidate assessment tools to find excellent talent. However, always remember that online candidate assessment tools work brilliantly when paired with other recruiting approaches.

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