How to Maintain Employees Productivity Toward the End of the Year

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In the workplace, the Christmas season is a crucial time. Having to sustain employees productivity is therefore important. Productivity at work might drop in the weeks leading up to the end-of-year holiday. Employers and workers alike are undoubtedly enthusiastic about the celebrations, and with good reason. But it’s your job to maintain everyone’s attention.

According to Peakon, 54% of employees admit that they get disoriented more than a week before Christmas. It makes sense given that this is the time of year when most individuals finish their Christmas planning and last-minute shopping. Companies often see a drop in job productivity at this time, and a recruiting firm like Proten may be able to help them fill open positions.

How to Maintain Employees Productivity Toward the End of the Year

However, do not use this as an excuse to begin micromanaging your employees. Their productivity might further decline if you treat them harshly. Increase employee morale in keeping with the Christmas spirit since it’s the season of giving, and you’ll see high levels of productivity at work.

1. Set your objectives.

You don’t have to wait until the beginning of the year to make fresh resolutions. But you can keep up the motivation of your employees by reviewing your yearly goals and targets. Think about using this difficult time to look at what they’ve done in the last year and how well they’ve done in the organization.

Before the year is out, help your employees set manageable objectives to keep their motivation high and their performance on the track. They might be able to stay focused if they set small, doable goals that help them reach a bigger goal in the end.

When managers assist employees in setting goals for the next year, it motivates them to put in more effort. They are kept interested without becoming overburdened.

2. Appreciate modest accomplishments

When the year is coming to a conclusion, workers feel most appreciated. The Christmas bonus, 13th-month pay, holiday parties, employee of the year awards, and other celebrations are chances for you to thank your staff for their hard work.

However, these celebrations often honor notable accomplishments. What about their daily efforts and little successes, particularly in the last three months of the year?

Small acts of appreciation mean a lot, even when workers value grand demonstrations of appreciation for their work. It says a lot that you took the time to write them a handwritten “thank you” letter. The receiver will feel appreciated and motivated to work more.

3. Pay attention to the season

It makes no sense to stifle the season’s already difficult tone in the workplace. Rather, get into the festive mood!

It’s the season of giving—you might try integrating some festive fun to encourage your team to keep their head in the game. For the first employee to reach his or her goal or quota for the week, you can consider offering a gift or tickets to an event. Employees benefit from friendly rivalry by being more committed and engaged at work.

4. Provide rewards

Giving rewards to workers who keep up their hard work and high standards throughout the season may motivate everyone and make them want to do more. The employee with the best production rate may get a free day off or the chance to work from home if that is a possibility.

Rewards don’t have to be restricted to a single worker. If a department meets its monthly quota on time or before the deadline, you may give them a prize. Taking the whole staff out for lunch, pizza, or coffee may lift everyone’s spirits.

How to Maintain Employees Productivity Toward the End of the Year

5. Rearrange your system and your duties.

It may be quite difficult to stay on top of things as the year comes to a close and your employees complete the last of the duties that need to be done. When they are trying to balance work, personal tasks (like “last-minute shopping”), and free time, it may be very helpful to help them rearrange their responsibilities.

Set deadlines and begin organizing your daily activities. As far as possible, do the time-consuming chores first to reduce stress and effort before the year is through.

Make sure everyone is aware of the holiday calendar for your business so they can establish a practical and effective procedure to follow. They’ll be prepared should they have to work from home or if anything unexpected occurs.

6. Set a flexible schedule.

The holiday season is a hectic time for both employees and employers, not to mention how the traffic may become very bad just before Christmas. During this time, think about providing a more adaptable work schedule. Give employees the opportunity to pick a more convenient schedule, such as “11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.” or “7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.” as long as they create quality output, for example, if your company’s work hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

They have plenty of time to perform errands for themselves or to escape rush hour because of this. If they want to make a brief stop at the mall before it fills up with Christmas shoppers, you may also attempt, if it’s feasible, to prolong their lunch break.

How to Maintain Employees Productivity Toward the End of the Year

Last Notes…

Although controllable, a productivity decline at work during this season is expected. You can simply find a way to get around that. Instead of worrying about employees losing focus, realign your goals and come up with interesting plans like hosting a company retreat to boost employees’ productivity. Instead of letting the holidays force your organization to fall behind, take advantage of them. 

A little bit of cooperation, dialogue, and understanding may go a long way. Let the holiday spirit spread throughout the office and remind everyone to stay focused on their goals. Together, you and your employees can end the year strong. 

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