Course Overview

HR Metrics and Analytics


Regardless of the size of the organization, HR metrics and analytics are becoming increasingly beneficial. With the transition of HR metrics and analytics over the past 30 years, managers are now finding it easier to balance the costs and benefits of decisions due to improved HR infrastructures.

However, HR metrics and workforce analytics are not a guarantee return on investment. You need to be able to decipher what data is appropriate to collect. Learn how to use this information to increase managerial decision-making efficiency.

This program will help you align workforce and HR metrics with HR objectives, business strategies, and organizational goals. It will also teach you how to implement HR metrics and analytics to improve

organizational results



At the end of this course, participants will learn and understand:

  • How to develop and implement HR metrics and workforce analytics to measure organizational results vs. its goals and objectives
  • When and how to align and incorporate metrics into business plans to achieve growth and improve revenue
  • How to use metrics to conduct cost/benefit analysis and increase managerial decision-making capacity
  • How to select the important and appropriate data to collect and analyze.
  • Examine the use of internal and external measurement frameworks
  • Use business metrics and Human Capital Analytics to evaluate organization’s performance
  • Put metrics into context, and add credibility to HR through facts, numbers and insight
  • Utilize the HR and Workforce Analytics Model to link human capital results and activities to business performance

Target Participants: HR Professionals

Duration: Two (2) Days

Amount: N60,000

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