6 Tips For Recruiting in the Fourth Quarter (Q4)

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Do you need a new hire in the fourth quarter (Q4)? You are not alone.

Statistics show in the wholesale and retail trade sectors, over 30% of businesses said they planned to hire more people in the fourth quarter.

Companies often intend to employ near the conclusion of the fiscal year. Some companies are looking to fill unfilled positions, while others want to finish work for the fourth quarter and/or be ready for the new year. Here at Proten International, we know lots of companies, regardless of size, will face fierce competition in filling vacant positions. And companies that are not considering outsourcing their hiring process will not have a choice but to. 

The truth today is that job seekers have several options in the rising candidate-driven market. Hiring to fill a vacant position is good, but hiring right is always better.

6 Tips to Recruiting in the Fourth Quarter

These six (6) important tips for Q4 hiring will save you the hassle and, land your company the dream hire in the last quarter of the year.

1. Don’t wait. Start recruiting right away. 

As soon as you are aware of your employment requirements for Q4, start looking. The more time you give yourself to find qualified applicants, the better your chances are. Don’t rush your recruitment process. Since qualified applicants might have other options, it’s important to get in touch with them as soon as they apply to increase your chances of getting them to work for you.

2. Perform check-and-balances.

Avoid the temptation to fill open positions by hiring the first candidates you come across. Building a great workforce starts with being aware of the skills shortages in your team. Take a look at the skill sets that your team needs. Compare your requirements to the abilities of your staff. It’s challenging to locate someone with all the necessary talents in today’s market. Consider employing someone who can be swiftly taught. Be honest with yourself about your requirements vs your nice-to-haves. Additionally, pay attention to the actions that a person does to succeed in their career.

3. Inform your network of any available positions.

Inform everyone in your network that you will be recruiting for the fourth quarter! Your website and social media channels should be updated. Update the skills and job descriptions. The more people you inform.

4. Test before you purchase

We can’t overemphasize the expense of poor hiring. To make sure the applicant satisfies both the company’s culture and skill needs, take into account a contract-to-hire arrangement. You can also get Proten Candidate Assessment Test to help your hiring process. Before you engage someone for a permanent position, doing this will also assist you to reduce the risk and cost of disastrous hiring.

6 Tips to Recruiting in the Fourth Quarter

5. Using it or losing it

Unused funds can be taken from the budget for the next year. Before the year is complete, use any remaining funds for hiring or recruitment. Get a good recruitment company that will research talent and hire the right personnel for your company. If you hire contractors or temporary workers, you can add to your Q4 staff without increasing your ongoing costs. 

6. Get Your Third Party Partners Involved

Working with a staffing agency to handle the search and make the process easier could make it easier and faster for you to find qualified employees. process. Think about working with one of your current suppliers who knows your company’s culture. For specialized tasks, you might want to hire a specialized staffing agency that is likely to have the skills you need.

Last Note…

Remember that it’s always better to start hiring people early than to wait until the company needs them badly. Once you notice an employment requirement, that’s the right time to start the recruitment process.

Proten International is the best company for business continuity and related risk disciplines when it comes to staffing services. Our team offers contract, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire staffing options for all levels of experience to meet your urgent needs quickly. We can find great people you’ll like by using our large network of contacts around the world. 

Do you want to learn more about recruiting right, especially in the fourth quarter? Reach out to us right now! We are eager to communicate with you. Send us an email to Info@protenintl.com

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