Must-have Skills For A Remote HR Manager & How To Find Top HR Jobs

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As more companies continue to move most of their processes online, more employees are opting for the remote work option. However, while companies are letting their staff adopt hybrid work patterns, it isn’t very common to find a remote HR manager. 

This is because a HR manager’s job is traditionally believed to be one that needs more of a hands-on approach. But with the pandemic making “hands-on” affairs quite difficult, the need to have a HR manager on site has greatly reduced. 

Furthermore, more companies are beginning to rely on enterprise software and digital processes to run core operations. And these tools have made it much easier for HR managers to work from home. 

However, it will be a grave mistake to ignore the advantages that come with the daily presence of a HR manager in the work environment. So how exactly can a remote HR manager effectively manage a workforce?

We’ll detail  the most important skills you’ll need to be a successful remote HR manager and the best places to find the best online HR jobs in Nigeria. 

However, the first step is to understand the responsibilities of a remote HR manager in today’s business climate and why it is one of the most important jobs in any organization.

Responsibilities Of A Remote HR Manager

remote HR Manager-protenAs a remote HR administrator, you will assist with onboarding new workers, offboarding terminated employees, benefits administration, training, compliance, and employment regulations.

The precise responsibilities that you are assigned will be determined by your degree of expertise and the company for which you work. If you want to excel in remote HR management, you must be well-versed in human resources and an independent worker who is well-organized.

Depending on the organization, a remote HR manager will need to handle hiring needs effectively.

From interviewing prospective employees, to evaluating technical skills and reviewing numerous resumes, you’ll need to acquire the right virtual tools that will ensure you’re making well-informed hiring decisions. 

What Are Important Skills For A Remote HR Manager?

It’s important to note that before any HR manager can become successful at remote work, they must first possess important HR management skills. If you’re just starting out on your HR career journey, then you should check out these top HR skills that are necessary for workplace success. 

But if you’re looking to transition to a remote HR management model, then here are the main skills you’ll need to be efficient and successful. 

1. Be Adaptable 

Companies understand the need of adaptation in a world where everything is changing at a rapid pace. When working remotely, you may have to devise workarounds and alternate solutions to difficulties that aren’t necessarily spelled out in processes and procedures.

To accomplish this efficiently, it’s typically best to start with a template you’re comfortable with and then adapt your patterns based on what your company requires.

2. Adopt A Tech-Savvy Nature

Because remote employment relies significantly on technology, being familiar with computers and various applications is crucial. It’s not so much about the exact tools you’ve used as it is about how quickly you learn to utilize a new program or technology and how eager you are to learn.

In addition to naming and explaining the tools you’re now working with, demonstrate that you grasp the ideas underlying the new remote work applications. To be well-prepared for whatever may arise, spend some time learning the fundamentals of cloud technology, software integrations, collaborative practices, and workflows.

3. Be An Effective Communicator

Written communication is a must-have ability for remote HR roles since so many remote workers rely on emails, Slack, and other text-based communication platforms.

4. An Uncanny Ability To Multi-Task And Improvise

To work remotely, you must be self-motivated. You’ll frequently need to juggle a variety of things, prioritize them, and effectively manage your time.

Where Can HR Managers Find Top Remote HR Jobs?

remote HR Manager-protenIf you’ve ticked all the boxes on your remote working skills, then the next step is to hunt for jobs that’ll allow you to work from home. Due to the pandemic, many companies have begun to entertain the remote HR manager role.

Yet while there is a growing demand for remote HR managers, many HR professionals find it difficult to find suitable online HR jobs.

We’ll cover the leading online job platforms where top HR professionals may look for entry-level, mid-level, and senior-level HR positions.


LinkedIn has everything from entry-level to senior HR employment, and many firms use it. Having said that, job searchers are also heavily using LinkedIn, so competition for every position is fierce.


FlexJobs is another website created by the developers of, and it is presently one of the largest job boards for remote employment. Many organizations that post advertising on FlexJobs are searching for US-based workers, so keep that in mind while you browse the openings.

Indeed is one of the largest job boards, with several local websites in various countries. This allows you to look for remote employment in your region.


Although Glassdoor’s major goal is to provide information on firms’ working conditions and environments, it also has a job board where you can locate remote HR jobs. The advantage is that you can easily look up a firm that interests you and learn what its employees think about it. is a job board that specializes in remote employment. Although they have numerous job postings for HR specialists, it’s still a good platform to find entry-level HR jobs too.

With job openings posted every day, this recruitment portal features an excellent variety of hand-screened remote HR roles. There are largely lower and entry-level HR positions there, although they also have some mid-level and senior HR roles on occasion.


WeWorkRemotely is a well-known remote work employment portal that is known for its genuine job ads. Employers post job openings directly on their website, with a preference for top HR specialists over entry and mid-level employees.

Last Notes.. 

Regardless of how much digitization occurs in the corporate world, there’ll always be a job for a HR manager. The singular reason of being a key part of any type of business growth makes hiring an HR manager unavoidable.

However, the managers of the future are the ones who are able to develop their digital skills and master the use of the various digital tools for effective workplace management.

Although this article gives an overview of invaluable HR skills, HR managers are – now more than ever – needing to update their digital skills in order to stay eligible for high paying jobs.

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