A Recruiter’s Playbook: 6 Tips That’ll Help You Find & Recruit Top Employees

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Too often, recruiters work themselves into a frenzy trying to find and recruit top employees to fill vacant positions. But with so many changes around the world, finding top talent is requiring top recruiters to think outside the box even more.

Marketing and recruiting are distinct corporate roles, yet they share communications best practices. If you want to develop your firm and compete on a higher level, hiring the right employees is a critical operation and recruiters are vital to the process. A recruiter should be able to understand a company’s structure and hire the ideal people who will succeed in that setting. However, this is not always a simple procedure.

Candidates are unlikely to engage with you until you personalize your recruiting message to them in a relevant way. While most job postings receive a large number of applications, recruiters must occasionally entice qualified candidates away from other firms.

recruit-top-employees-protenBut with exceptional talent not easy to find in an unending pool of job seekers, how do you sieve through the endless applications on your desk to find and recruit top employees?

What Do You Say When Recruiting?

Today’s younger workforce is already doing their homework by studying you online and on social media. It’s also worthwhile to do some research on them. Find out what their interests are and stimulate discussions around those topics to learn more about how they think.

With this information in hand, seek out relevant individuals who may be interested in what you have to offer by focusing on applicants who are seeking for part-time employment, full-time jobs, or the precise work arrangement you are offering.

How Do You Write A Recruiting Message?

Begin your message by introducing yourself and explaining why you’re reaching out. Include what drew you to this prospect, how you believe they will grow at your firm, and why your company is the perfect environment for them to advance their career.

If your brand is less well-known, try including the job title in the subject line. Your recruiting pitch should eventually address why your organization is a wonderful location for the individual to work, as well as how their interests fit with your primary company objectives.

What Is A Good Quote For A Job?

The more a potential applicant feels like they’re speaking with a real person, the more likely they are to reply to and apply for your open positions. However, because there are so many tight recruiting deadlines, recruiters sometimes lose out on exceptional candidates.

To find and recruit top employees, top recruiters and HR professionals employ a set of tactics that we will show you. 

How To Find and Recruit Top Employees

Whether you’re aiming to establish a diverse workforce or hiring for specific technical skills, these ideas will help you rapidly identify and entice the candidates you want.

1. Build A Social Community

Many recruiters overlook this, but it’s quite difficult to effectively hire top talent without actually having the ability to “acquire” talent. With so much market competition in today’s digital economy, the success of your recruitment process depends partly on your relationship with candidates at each phase of the recruiting process. 

2. Don’t Look For The “Perfect” Candidate

Too often, recruiters work themselves into a frenzy trying to find the right fit for a vacant position. However, analyzing beyond the CV and looking for characteristics such as competency, adaptability, as well as a willingness to grow and engage with a team often leads to fantastic candidate discoveries.

Putting soft talents on the same level as hard skills during the recruitment process has become critical in a post-pandemic society. That way, you can easily build a workforce that is as skilled as it is committed.

3. Optimize The Candidate Experience

When seeking to recruit high-potential candidates, your first priority should be to provide a great candidate experience. A well-structured candidate experience gives potential employees a taste of the value and growth potential for their careers if they join your firm. From seamless interaction throughout the interview process to clear feedback, getting the candidate experience right will enhance your chances of convincing top applicants.

4. Widen Your Search Net – Strategically

If you’re having problems finding the ideal person for a specific role, the issue is often with the job listing requirements. Most job postings detail which degrees the applicant must have. As a result, many applications are rejected by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), causing recruiters to lose out on qualified individuals.

While many technical roles may demand many degrees, omitting degrees or criteria that aren’t essential to the role might considerably extend your search radius. Allow non-degree holders to apply, test for soft skills, and focus on other characteristics such as experience, temperament, and collaboration qualities.

recruit-top-employees-proten5. Encourage Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are an excellent way to acquire high-potential applicants, whether you operate as a recruiter for a specific firm or as a freelance recruiter. Aside from informing your current employees about open opportunities and asking them to refer to top colleagues, offering work incentives and perks makes it easier for them to talk to qualified friends about working with you.

Another unspoken advantage of leveraging employee referrals is that your employees are the finest advertisers of your company’s work culture. And if it’s fantastic, they’ll gladly propose applicants who would fit in perfectly as well.

6. Don’t Forget Feedback

Although feedback has been mentioned previously, its significance cannot be overstated. Keeping your candidates informed at all stages, even if you do not hire them, generates a positive picture for your company. This can eventually lead to referrals from people who aren’t even working for you.

Last Notes..

As more businesses research the best ways to discover and retain top personnel in an era  The Great Resignation, effectively optimizing your recruitment process can greatly impact your company’s growth.

While the recommendations in this article can help you identify the right fit for your workforce, experienced third-party recruiters like 360 Verify already have procedures and tools in place to save you both the time and resources it will take to find and recruit top employees.

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