How To Find A Good Internship – The 5 Main Steps

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If you’re asking how to find a good internship, it suggests that you value both developing your talents and securing a job. This is incredible. Because, if you’re fresh out of college or looking to change careers, an internship is clearly the best way to gain valuable experience in any field.

Internships assist companies make better hiring judgments and select only qualified individuals by providing extensive training. It also functions as a backup plan for getting into organizations with complicated hiring processes.

While the value of on-the-job training cannot be emphasized, fair remuneration for interns is often overlooked. As a result, many fresh graduates shun unpaid internships while also struggling to find an internship business that pays fairly.

How To Find A Good Internship Program

Internships are essentially training programs designed to develop qualified personnel who are well-suited to an organization’s demands. This is why many organizations spend a great amount of effort and money building effective internship programs.

There are two crucial aspects to consider when looking to find a good internship program.

find-a-good-internship-proten1. Company Reputation

While respectable or well-known companies can provide excellent and thorough training programs, they can also usually ensure that interns are paid fairly. However, because of the enormous number of candidates, getting an internship at these organizations is usually tough. Internships at lesser-known companies, on the other hand, are more common, but they are usually unpaid.

2. Best To Avoid Competitive Jobs

Consider the field or job profile for which you would like to intern. You can have an easier time landing a lucrative internship if there is a high need for employees or individuals in your chosen field.

If your field has a lot of possibilities, however, finding a compensated work may be more difficult.

Getting Through The Door.. 

After you’ve sorted out how to find good internship programs and what field you want to intern in, let’s look at the steps to take to ensure your internship application is accepted.

1. Creating A Fitting Resume 

To land your ideal internship, you’ll need a good CV. But, if you have little or no work experience, how can you build a good resume?

find-a-good-internship-protenFinding A Resume Builder

To begin, find a reputable resume builder and select a template that helps you to input and highlight all of the necessary information.

Here’s a link to several great online resume builders.

2. Arranging The Resume Sections

The next step is to organize and emphasize all of your important details and information in a comprehensive style. Here are a few sections to concentrate on whether you’re writing your resume by hand or using a resume builder:

  • Contact information
  • Resume summary
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Work experience / Volunteering catalog

Follow this link for more information on how to organize the five sections of a resume.

3. Cover Letter 

After you’ve perfected your CV, it’s time to work on your cover letter. A strong cover letter will help you stand out from the crowd and help you land every internship you apply for.

The main purpose of the internship is to learn and obtain firsthand experience. As a result, your cover letter must demonstrate your enthusiasm for the position and the firm.

If you can write a strong cover letter describing why you desire the position, your lack of relevant experience can be ignored.

4. Networking 

Find people who are actively practicing the sort of work you want to do via networking with family, friends, colleagues, old employers, teachers, and alumni from your college. Unless you introduce yourself, you will never know who someone is.

5. Research & Methodize

Investigate organizations so you can add accurate information in your cover letter or introductory email to potential employers. Maintain a proactive attitude of documenting your interviews, and set aside time to do follow-up calls via email or phone.

During the interviewing process, don’t underestimate the importance of thank you cards. Many students assume they are causing a nuisance, yet many companies see this behavior as a sign of a motivated student who sincerely wishes to work for their company.

Last Notes..

When looking to find a good internship, bear in mind that they may have tight requirements, and a single typo can eliminate you from qualification. Follow the steps in this article to create well-crafted, targeted resumes and cover letters customized to the organization and position you’re pursuing.

If you think you need some new skills to boost the quality of your resume, then simply head over to our learning & development page to check out what skills managers are searching for.

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