Course Overview

Data Analytics Masterclass



In the face of challenging and ever-evolving business environments, an understanding of data analytics has become an essential skill needed by every professional for strategic positioning. You will gain a competitive edge and enhance your productivity and performance on the job. After completing this training, you will be equipped to better understand and analyze data for business intelligence and how to make informed business decisions, using Data Analytics.

This training will also cover the use of some data analytics tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, and My SQL in analyzing data and a deep understanding of the relationship between data analytics and business success.


  1. Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Definition of Data Analytics
  • Types of Analytics
  • Data Analytics Problems (Volume, veracity, velocity, Variety and value)
  • Statistics (types of Statistics)
  • Data Types
  1. Introduction to Tableau
  • Low level introduction to Tableau
  • Chart Types
  • Dimensions and Measures
  • Calculated Fields
  • Hands-on-Labs
  1. Deep Dive into PowerBI
  • High Level Introduction to PowerBi
  • Power Query
  • DAX Language
  • Creating Viz using HR datasets


  1. Structural Query Language – SQL
  • Introduction to SQL
  • The Select Statement

– Arithmetic Operators

– Logical Operators

– Conditional Operators

– Concatenation

  • Aggregation and Grouping (using the Group-by clause)
  • SQL Joins
  • Sub-query and views
  • Performing CRUD on MySQL (Create, Update, Delete, Drop)

Target Audience:

Managers, Supervisors, Team Members, HR Professionals, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs

Duration: 4 Saturdays – 1st , 8th, 15th ,  22nd April, 2021

For Bank Transfer:

Account Number: 0613552290
Bank Name:
Guaranty Trust Bank

Price: ₦50,000

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