10 End-of-Year Company Retreat Activities (Onsite and Offsite Teams)

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It can be hard to plan and pull off a company retreat at the end of the year, especially if you can’t come up with company retreat activities that fit the retreat’s purpose. We would guess you have had a lovely company retreat at some point; we would like to hear about your experience at Proten International.

The activities that the company might participate in during a retreat could range from participating in a trip, icebreaker activities, and team sports. As always, they should be the goals of the company retreat. Some of the goals are to lift people’s spirits, encourage teamwork, and inspire the group, which these retreat ideas are meant to do.

Company retreat activities list

The retreat activities you choose will have a big impact on how much fun your team has. Here are some of the most original getaway games and activities, from having lunch together to taking a cruise.

1. Icebreakers

Retreats benefit from icebreaker games. These games help group members relax. Icebreakers are infinite, including:

  • Three statements—two truths and one untruth. One falsehood and two truths. Other participants then determine which propositions are true and which are untrue.
  • No Smiling Challenge: One person makes others chuckle. Then find your group’s longest-faced person.
  • Charades: Group members take turns gesturing an action or statement. Players guess the action or term.
  • Guess the Country: Players guess a country’s movie, star, or flag without naming it. Then participants strive to guess the nation first.

A good retreat starts with breaking the ice. 

2. Tour

Tours are fantastic group retreat activities for learning about new areas. Find a venue the group likes while organizing a getaway.

Tour museums, zoos, conservation centers, or other cities. First, choose a domestic or international excursion. Next, choose a guided or self-directed tour. Free tours and apps are available at many tourist attractions. You and your party may go to different retreat places. Take several photos!

3. Jokes

Jokes are a fun retreat activity. Gather everyone and ask them to make jokes. Prevent offering food or drinks to avoid choking on laughter and food.

Try “Try Not To Laugh” with joke-telling. In this game, the comic tells jokes and does comedy. The first laugher exits the game.

4. Join a Class

Group classes may help your retreat team connect. Choose an activity to learn first. For example, you could offer a choice of classes and let your team members vote on their favorites, or you could offer more than one time to teach. Connect with a professional host or coach to lead the lesson.

Fun classes include:

  • Mixology class
  • Workout class
  • Dance class
  • Cooking class

Educational retreats are common. If not, use a third party. Budget for and list these enjoyable trainings in the retreat program.

5. Hike

Hiking promotes fitness and team building. Group hike planning tips:

Before trekking, know the distance. Get a map and learn the route.

Food, water, good-traction shoes, and trekking poles should be packed.

Prepare for the weather by checking the forecast.

Bring a first-aid kit. CPR-trained hikers are an advantage.

Hiking links you to nature. Hiking need not be competitive. Tell your squad that the exercise is merely a group stroll.

6. Company Group Cruise

Your staff will love a cruise ship getaway. Most cruise lines provide several group games and activities for retreats, vacations, and celebrations.


  • Workouts
  • Daytrips
  • Waterslides
  • Dance classes
  • Casino
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Karaoke
  • Sports Courts

Planning entertainment for a cruise ship company retreat may be easier. Check the cruise line’s offerings and choose activities your group will like. Choose to pre-book or book aboard.

Ask about corporate pricing and getaway packages when booking a trip.

7. Team Lunch

Sharing lunch on a retreat is accessible and entertaining. You may enjoy a buffet-style meal outside of formal meals. Snacks and beverages may be considered lunch.

Work difficulties may be discussed over lunch. Critical corporate issues are often resolved over lunch. However, the dialogue might be informal.

Plan the cuisine for the participants’ diets. Ask the team about food sensitivities. After lunch, conduct icebreakers, dances, or other tasks. Lunchtime music may also improve mood.

8. Karaoke

Team development retreats might include karaoke. Rent and set up a karaoke machine. You may hire a club or private room for karaoke without setting up the equipment. Next, list the teams’ favorite songs and let them sing their hearts out.

Give partygoers amusing titles like “best vocalist,” “worst singer,” “seat warmer,” and “finest duet.” Add cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks for non-drinkers.

9. Team Sports

Group retreats benefit from team sports. Sports build teamwork and fitness.

First, choose a team sport. Teams like football, volleyball, and handball. Locate a retreat place. Use a park. Beach volleyball is ideal. Next, split the gathering into smaller teams and supply sports clothing.

Team sports are great for group retreats because players can relax and exercise.

10. Invite Guests

A welcoming party might help retreat guests open up. Choose a theme for this party. Plan the meal and entertainment. A fun theme may include:

  • Culture party
  • Old School party
  • Custom party
  • Beach bash
  • Fun party
  • Ice-cream social
  • Blacklight party

Like any company retreat activity, plan beforehand. A retreat team with members from diverse areas benefits from a welcoming celebration. The event might help a team bond by breaking the ice.

Last Notes…

The list of company retreat activities can not be exhausted in one write-up. At Proten, one of the things we do is help companies plan effective retreats that are in line with their goals and objectives. You can send an email to info@protenintl.com to inquire about how we can help you.

Do you think having an end-of-year company retreat is a good idea? Let us know in the comment session and also include some company retreat activities you think would be fun and engaging. 

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