Avoid These 10 Common Job Interview Mistakes To Land Your Dream Job

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Interested in selling yourself? One of the best ways to do it is during job interviews. Now, if your resume and cover letter were strong enough to get you an interview, you may be able to land the job, providing you do well to avoid certain job interview mistakes.

Professional recruiters like Proten International’s recruitment specialists have received training on how to spot crucial cues. They will be able to assess if you possess the competence and temperament needed to function well inside the organization. 

The employer must take into account these factors throughout the interview process since there will likely be numerous other candidates interviewing for the post and a short time to fill it.

Even the most seasoned professional might get flustered and ruin their prospects, so it’s acceptable to feel uneasy at first. However, with little planning, you can avoid these frequent job interview mistakes.

Job Interview Mistakes: 10 Things to Avoid During a Job Interview

Why are job interviews important?

Job interviews are imperative because they give you the chance to meet employees or outsourced HR personnel specialized in recruitment and determine if the position you’ve applied for is a suitable match for you. 

In addition to checking your credentials, the employer might ask you questions regarding the position or provide you an opportunity to solve problems during interviews.

It’s important to prepare for your interview so you can present yourself well and demonstrate your readiness for the job. However, you should steer clear of certain actions, inquiries, and remarks during an interview.

Job Interview Mistakes To Avoid

To make sure you have a successful and pleasant interview, stay away from these job interview mistakes that are common. 

1. Don’t be arrogant

When you are interviewing, avoid seeming arrogant. Pride might give interviewers the impression that you are speaking down to them. Instead, speak openly and without bragging about your successes and talents to how they may benefit the business.

2. Don’t avoid eye contact

Another common job interview mistake to avoid is lowering your gaze or avoiding eye contact throughout the interview. This might be misinterpreted by interviewers as a sign of frailty or deception. 

Instead, while you speak, make genuine eye contact with the interviewer. It is understandable if you’re anxious, you can pretend you’re speaking to a friend and look at the interviewer like you would in a friendly setting.

Job Interview Mistakes: 10 Things to Avoid During a Job Interview

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3. Don’t be late

Stay on time for the interview. Being late suggests that you don’t care about the job or value the interviewer’s time. Instead, go up a few minutes early to say hello to the employees and give yourself some time to gather your thoughts before the interview.

4. Don’t arrive too soon

Don’t be more than ten minutes early. Arriving too early could make it difficult for the interviewer to complete a previous obligation, which would annoy them and make them late for the interview.

Instead, wait in your vehicle or outside the building and check your interview materials if you are more than 10 minutes early. When it is suitable, enter the building and make an introduction to the receptionist.

5. Don’t be Dishonest

Do not misrepresent your credentials, work history, or skill set. If the interviewer discovers a lie you said, the interview may be abruptly ended. If you are hired by a firm based on falsehood, they may expect you to fulfill duties for which you are unqualified. 

Instead, be truthful when describing your credentials for the job. Express your dedication to improving your work performance at work and your willingness to learn new things. 

Most companies contact 360 Verify by Proten International to carry out background checks on candidates nowadays.

On going Job Interview

6. Never show up unprepared

Do not show up to the interview unprepared. This can come across to the interviewer as being unprepared and uninterested in the job. Bring copies of your references list and résumé instead.

Additionally, bring paper and a pen to take notes throughout the interview.

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7. Keep your arms uncrossed

Hiding your hands or crossing your arms are part of the things to avoid during a job interview. 

Body language such as this communicates that you are on the defensive or wary of the environment. 

Instead, maintain an open chest and visible hands. The interviewer will most likely think you are a straightforward, honest person.

8. Avoid appearing desperate.

Avoid expressing or displaying your desperation for the job. Extreme emotion might utterly disqualify you as a candidate. 

Instead, control your emotions and correctly communicate your interest in the employment.

9. Avoid displaying a lack of responsibility

Do not assign blame for your errors to others. The interviewer may ask you to discuss a period when you erred at work.

Saying you’ve never erred or that your colleagues were the only ones to blame is unjustified. Instead, accept responsibility for your deeds. 

Describe the lessons you took from the error and how you would handle the circumstance differently if it happened again.

10. Don’t appear angry

Avoid making any unpleasant facial expressions or behaviors, such as sighing or frowning. These may convey to the interviewer that you are a difficult person to work with. Instead, grin and use a light, cheerful tone.

Common Job Interview mistake

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Bonus Tips on Things to Avoid During a Job Interview

#Bonus Tip 1: Avoid fidgeting

Do not play with your hands or feet or the stuff on the desk. 

Fidgeting might be misinterpreted by the interviewer as a symptom of boredom, leading them to believe you are not engaged in the talk. 

Instead, avoid touching anything on the desk or table without needing to do so by keeping your hands and legs immobile.

#Bonus Tip 2: Don’t attend to phone

During the interview, refrain from checking or picking up your phone. It’s uncontrollable to split your concentration between the interviewer and your phone. Instead, put your phone aside and switch it off during the interview to prevent temptation.

#Bonus Tip 3: Avoid eating

If possible, avoid eating while you are in a job interview, unless it is particularly during lunch or supper. Eating during a job interview may be rude and splits your focus. Instead, if you believe you may be hungry, have a snack before the interview. 

#Bonus Tip 4: Don’t Dress Shabby

Showing up in a job interview looking unkept is part of job interview mistakes that should be avoided. At Proten International, dress codes are communicated through the interview invitation. 

Should in case a dress code wasn’t communicated, do not hesitate to reach out to the recruiter. 

Last Notes…

It has been quite an interesting experience learning about common job interview mistakes right?

A quick recap, job interviews are important as we pointed out at the start of the write-up because it allows you to meet with the employees and others involved in the hiring process, and also allow them to access your skill and understanding of the role you applied for.

If you require interview guidance and tips? maybe even a mock interview?

Join the online community at Proten International via our Linkedin Page or our other social media platforms. You will get access to first-hand information and training materials needed to ace your next interview.

Did we miss any common mistakes you’d like to share? Go ahead and add them in the comments.

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