Breaking Down The Top 10 Video Interview Tools – How To Choose The Right Tool For Your Business

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The COVID-19 pandemic led to numerous job market adjustments. Working from home was one of the consequences of the epidemic, and it has surprisingly proven to be cost-effective and efficient. The icing on the cake, however, has been the critical role video interview tools have played in increasing the quality of the recruitment process.

Interestingly, the trend is only picking up steam, with more businesses utilizing the best video interview tools to locate and employ the top candidates without violating any social distance standards.

What is Video Interviewing Software?

Video interviewing software allows you to conduct online video interviews with job candidates.

There are several types of video interview software. 

In one-way video interviews, job candidates are asked to answer a series of questions in front of a camera, with the footage being sent to whoever makes the hiring decisions to further review. 

Two-way video interviews are similar to live video interviews in that two individuals (interviewer and interviewee) communicate in real-time.

Why Use Video Interviewing Software? 

Perhaps, the best aspect of video interviews is that they can be conducted at any time and from any location. Whether your hiring team received employee referrals or you’re searching from scratch, your company deserves a modern and efficient interview management system.

Video interviewing platforms give your HR team the flexibility and accessibility to reach talent all around the world, and they can be terrific resource-saving alternatives to traditional interviews.

However, one big challenge that most recruiters confront with video interviews is that prospects do not always show up on time or at all. This can cause schedules to be disrupted and important time to be wasted.

This is why it is critical to select video interview tools that not only allow you to focus on your core hiring objectives, but also provide you with access to features that will make the entire hiring process easier and faster for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

best video interview toolsThere are several crucial aspects you or your hiring team should check for before selecting the finest video interview platform for your organization, depending on your hiring goals.

In this article, we’ll go over various characteristics that can be used as benchmarks to help you choose the best video interview tool for your hiring needs.

Then we’ll go through a few video interview tools that top recruiters all over the world are using to identify top talent in every field.

Key Features to Look out For When Choosing a Video Interview Tool

The best video interview tools enable recruiters to perform a variety of actions that expedite the hiring process.

As a result, it is essential that you select a video interviewing tool that is appropriate for your employment requirements.

Here are some critical evaluation criteria to consider when investing in video interview software.

1. Video Interviews (One-Way & Two-Way):

The ideal video interviewing platform should allow you to set up one-way or two-way styled interviews. 

One-way interviews usually allow candidates answer pre-written questions into a camera, with the tape saved and reviewed afterwards. Candidates that are chosen to advance in the process should be able to attend live, one-on-one, or group interviews at the next level.

2. Question Format Variety

Hiring managers should be able to test candidate knowledge using various question kinds and templates on the platform.

3.Time Management

Some questions or exams are designed to be completed in a limited amount of time, and the finest video interviewing software will have built-in mechanisms to accommodate this.

4. User-friendly Interface (UI):

Because interviewees may not have or be familiar with your video interviewing software of choice, the invite process, set-up, and usability must be extremely user-friendly for first-time users.

5. Easy Set-Up & Adoption

A video interview platform should be simple and straightforward to use for both parties. Remember that while your hiring manager will have prior expertise with the platform, your job candidates may not!

Can people rapidly and easily download/log in to the tool? Is it necessary for them to create an account using their own email? The ease of use is critical.

Best Video Interview Tools for Recruiting Teams

best video interview tools

After creating your video interview tool shortlist, the next step is to choose a tool that best suits your organization’s needs.

We’ve curated a list of some of the best video interviewing tools used by top recruiters around the world along with their best features to help you invest in the specific tools your business needs.


  • Best of Integrations. Special Feature: Integration solutions

Vervoe is an AI-powered Skills Assessment Online Interview Software with the goal of making hiring about merit rather than background.

Vervoe allows hiring managers to evaluate how an applicant will perform by utilizing skills assessment tests and AI to exclude applicants who are only good at taking interviews and recruit talented and creative people. It can also help you organize coding challenges or have your applicants record video feedback.


  • Best video interview software with SMS support. Special Feature: SMS support

Xor is an AI recruiting software and platform that includes live and on-demand video interviewing. It allows users to arrange live interviews or have candidates submit recorded video responses for recruiters to review.

Xor provides SMS capabilities such as text recruitment and text-to-apply in addition to video support for candidate screening. This makes the entire employment process appear to be quick, efficient, and cutting-edge.


  • Special Feature: Best for Enterprises

HireVue includes video interviewing software as well as pre-hire evaluations to eliminate assumptions and prevent prejudice that hiring managers may unwittingly make when analyzing just documentation from applicants.

HireVue is ideal for large firms, worldwide corporations, and fast developing businesses.


  • Special Feature: Best One-way video interview software

Willo is an award-winning virtual interview platform that startups and growing companies in over 100 countries have come to rely on. Willo allows people to hire, interact, create, and learn.

It is compatible with any device and has features that make teamwork, branding, communicating, inquiring, and collaborations simple.

Breezy HR 

  • Special Feature: Best for small teams & startups

Breezy is an HR and candidate tracking solution that includes features such as Live Video Meetings. This useful tool allows hiring managers to meet with applicants while also viewing their interview guide and scoring on-screen.

Other features of Breezy include reporting and analytics, candidate management, job adverts, candidate sourcing, jobs site and referrals, and team communication.


  • Special Feature: Best for high volume recruitment

Harver is a hiring tool with capabilities that extend beyond virtual interviews. Harver allows you to run situational judgement tests, collect ongoing feedback, and display films of your corporate culture.

Harver also offers exams for hard skills, behavioral, cognitive, and learning agility, as well as job fit, to ensure that your hiring process is genuinely objective and data-driven.


  • Special Feature: Best free video & audio calling tool

Skype was once the most popular video calling platform since it provided unlimited voice and video calling, private chat features, and so much more for free! In essence, the only time Skype will charge you is if you place a call from a landline or mobile phone to a number in the United States.

That implies that as long as you’re contacting someone with a Skype account, you can make unlimited free calls to candidates.


  • Special Feature: Best for large meetings & online events

A free Zoom plan would accommodate up to 100 individuals, so group interviews are an option. When an interviewer gives them an invite link, people who are not already on the site can get started in less than a minute.

On the free subscription, there are no duration limitations for videos, and the solution includes in-app private and group chat services.


  • Special Feature: Best for flexible virtual interviews (Free)

MyInterview promises to save time and money for hiring managers by automating applicant shortlisting. In addition, myInterview allows businesses to utilize their own branding within the app.

The program allows customers to complete application requirements from any device, and their basic plan is free for life. Users get access to most of myInterview’s capabilities as long as they only have one active position to fill.


  • Special Feature: Best for multi-tiered video interviewing

VidCruiter provides screening tools such as pre-recorded interviews, allowing hirers to see the videos on-demand and avoid scheduling issues that may arise with global hiring.

It also includes live video interviews, as well as an interface that displays all of your viewing mode options and panels for feedback and other assessment notes.

The video panel is brimming with extra features for HR teams, such as standardized inquiries and rating recommendations.


  • Special Feature: Best for multi-tiered video interviewing

Interviewstream’s software provides a number of approaches to the hiring process. Interviewstream is a video interview program for recruitment that genuinely reduces hire time, from one-way interviews to live interviews to auto-scheduling.

In fact, Interviewstream advertises speedier hiring, a 56 percent reduction in time-to-fill, and a 60 percent reduction in time spent examining resumes.


  • Special Feature: Best for multi-tiered video interviewing

Jobvite Video is an on-demand video screening technology that improves and increases the quality of the talent screening process.

Jobvite offers an edge over other video interviewing solutions in that it is the only video interviewing solution that integrates directly with an ATS– a significant gain in keeping your hiring team organized and on track.

Last Notes..

As technology births more tools that improve and streamline the recruitment process, recruiters and hiring managers have access to even more specific tools that can improve efficiency and ensure you recruit only the most qualified personnel. 

If you’re too busy and would rather outsource your recruiting to a professional third-party recruiter, these tools will also help you keep tabs on the entire recruiting process.

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