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Management Retreats
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Strategic management retreats offer effective off-site business review, planning, and problem-solving sessions away from daily work distractions. Retreats provide a more relaxed and innovative thinking environment for better collaboration, brain storming, and decision-making.

Proten International’s strategic retreats are a unique mix of facilitation, consulting and Executive Action learning sessions. The sessions are facilitated by our team of experts who will bring together the management team, ask questions to stimulate and validate their planning and provide new insights.

As an outside advisor, the strategic retreat facilitator provides objective validation of assumptions, thinking processes and solutions. The facilitator is a skilled management consultant with strong understanding of business management, leadership styles and team dynamics.

Strategic management retreats help CEOs and organization leaders to address executive questions and challenges. Examples include:

  • Coming up with a new vision/strategy that is fit for your organization/market and how to implement it on the ground level.
  • Creating a new organizational direction/structure/culture and requiring expert support to launch the organization-wide initiative, help accelerate its development and overcome the resistance to change
  • Coming up with strategies for organisational growth acceleration.
  • Overcoming communication and collaboration barriers and developing better alignment and cross-organizational teamwork.
  • Coaching and developing top talent and new managers on executive and leadership skills to develop them to the next level.
  • The need for an independent expert to support the development and execution of an effective transition of a merger or acquisition project.
  • Strategic planning to keep up with and adapt to the changing market, technology and organizations.
  • The need to validate assumptions and decision making process for a major investment decision.
  • The need to achieve maximum ROI from our business units; through business model optimization, technology and process innovations or reengineering without paying a lot of money for a team of external consultants.

Strategic Management Retreats Duration:

Our typical strategic retreat sessions span about 3 to 5 days, and can be followed up by breakout consulting and/or coaching sessions, if needed.

Strategic Management Retreats Deliverables:

In delivering strategic Management retreats, we will:


  • Ensure our team understands and agrees on the vision and direction through Pre-retreat data gathering, logistics and planning.
  • Develop an action plan that addresses existing or emerging challenges and opportunities
  • Improve team performance through facilitation, communication and collaboration sessions


Strategic Management Retreats Process:

Our consultant will:

  • Understand the goals of the meeting
  • Agree on team needs, session objectives, agenda, duration and fees
  • Facilitate learning and provide independent validation of group strategy
  • Bridge communication and thinking gaps to create consensus for group direction and plans
  • Navigate trouble areas and propose solutions to overcome challenges


Your team will:

  • Attend the sessions; learn, brainstorm, work and collaborate together
  • Deliver an action plan to leverage the new opportunities &/or overcome the challenges
  • Receive remote or onsite follow-up support sessions (Optional)

Strategic Management Retreat Locations


We believe that an effective strategy session can only take place in the right environment. There are a range of recommended locations that we can choose for your Management retreat in order to ensure that your team can fully engage in a relaxed environment.

We have a selection of sites and we continue to add new venues to our collection to give you a wide range of options. Venues are spread across different parts of Africa and Europe.

International Locations:

As part of our international offerings, we organise regular Management retreats internationally. The aim is to take your management team out of their comfort zone and expose them to practices and surroundings of a different environment.

We also organise tailor made packages for organisations based on their objectives and choice of locations. Our partners are spread across several countries, giving you more choice of locations.