Transforming People, Building Businesses
Our Values
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Honesty and Integrity – Honesty and integrity are at the core of all our activities either between employees or in interaction with our clients. We employ the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in every action that we take. We also ensure that there is transparency in all our dealings and genuine trust is built both internally and externally.

Passion: We strongly believe that passion is the fundamental key to delivering innovative and cutting edge products and services. We always strive to build a Passion-Driven organisation where employees are highly motivated and driven to deliver excellent customer service both internally and externally. Our passion for transforming lives and building organisations is what drives us to go beyond the call of duty at all times.

Excellence: Our mantra at Proten International is that ‘Whatever must be done at all must be done well and must be done with undivided attention’. In delivering our services, we strive for continual improvement and excellence as a yardstick. By taking our time to understand each client needs, our focus is to learn how to deliver the best service to all our customers.

Collaboration – We strongly believe that ‘teamwork makes the dream work’. Collaborative working is highly encouraged both internally and externally within the organisation. In order to achieve our mission, we regularly partner with other organisations both in the private and government sectors. In ensuring that we continually deliver high quality service, we collaborate with our clients to improve our offerings.

Innovation: Innovation is embedded in our DNA at Proten International. We value challenges because they produce innovations and we are constantly working hard to develop new and innovative solutions and interventions that can bring solution to individual and organisation needs in a rapidly developing world.