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Lexy Owusu-Boahene
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Alexis-Image-minLX HR Solutions is an International Human Resource Consultancy. We work with CEO’s, Directors, Managers, Stakeholders of Educational Institutions and Professional Organisations. We aim to Engage, Develop and Retain Employees for your business growth through the provision of optimal services in recruitment, HR strategy, training and development. Lexy Owusu-Boahene is the Managing Director of this growing, innovative and solution focused HR consultancy. She thrives on delivering results, ensuring the smooth running of the organisation and managing relationships between organisation leaders and their employees. Lexy holds a Post Graduate in HR Development and Consultancy and has a passion for Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion. In 2010, she founded a professional networking society popularly known as Divas on Demand, a platform aimed at uniting like-minded women in a professional environment to provide career development support, bridge the gap between professionals and organisation, and provide women with business opportunities, careers advice and personal development tools. Through Divas on Demand, Lexy has collaborated with leading UK-based professional organisations like O2 Think BiG, Museum of London, Channel 4, Barclays, The British Council, ITV, Black Youth Achievements, Birkbeck University and Queen May University and hosted critically acclaimed events such as Careers in the UK (2011), Making it BiG in Business (2012), Emerging West Africa (2013), Diverse Women (2014) and most recently Careers in Ghana (2015). In Ghana this year she has been featured in many speaking engagements and training sessions with the HR Leadership Centre, African Youth In Business, Sheroes, Women Entrepreneurship Day and at Invest in Ghana. She has been nominated for awards such as the Women4Africa Awards (Young Entrepreneur), the GUBA Awards (Charitable Work), and has been featured in The Voice Newspaper, on BEN TV, TNBT Magazine, OnInLondon online magazine and many other publications. Her passion for humanitarian causes has inspired her volunteering for projects such as A Ban Against Neglect (ABAN), African Development Association for Progress (ADAP), Shekinah Home, where she raised money by sky-diving to build a home for orphans and most recently raised money for the flood victims of Accra by creating a “Fitness for Floods” initiative.

Managing Director LX HR Solutions
T: +447507 829 932
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Twitter: @lexyboahene