Transforming People, Building Businesses


Training Outline:
Most business decisions are made at the level of senior executives. However some sales persons are intimidated by the position or office of senior executives and easily shy away from meeting such senior executives. Even when they eventually come into contact with the senior executives, the sale persons are driven by so much fear and timidity thereby loosing opportunities to showcase their products characteristics and product values.
This training is aimed at individuals and/ or teams that need the mix of skills, processes and tools to win more opportunities. Built around business stimulation that recreates a competitive sales opportunity, participants compete to devise and execute strategies and tactics that ultimately wins the deals.
Ultimately, the training is to equip Account Mangers and Sales Professional to prioritize different customers and devise a strategy for reaching out to each segment.
By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:
  • Create better access to the real decision makers and better
  • Verbalise their value proposition and business case
  • Describe the psychology of customer needs
  • Navigate the Decision Making Unit(DMU) more effectively
  • Demonstrate a proactive win strategy and be better
  • Prepared to handle the competition
  • Describe their progress in the opportunity with clearer objectives around what to do next
  • Pre-handle and manage late-cycle concerns.
Target Participants: Account managers, Sales Teams
Duration: Two (2) days
Cost: N80,000
Date: 30th-31st August, 2017
1. The Buying Cycle
  •  The psychology of complex buying behaviour.
2. Account Entry Strategy
  • How to map the DMU
3. Decision criteria
  •  How customers arrive at the decision criteria they use
  •  How to influence the criteria in your favour.
4. Competitive analysis
  • Principles of competitive advantage and ‘hard’ and ‘soft differentiators
  • Buying criteria : how customers evaluate competitive offerings and how you can influence their decision guidelines in your favour.
5. Customer concerns about risk
  • Why sales stall close to the decision
  • Why selling skills don‟t help you at this stage
  • How to resolve concerns to your advantage.
6. What‟s a Major Account?
7. Strategic Major Account Planning
8. Building Value
9. Securing Appointments
10. Maintaining Client Engagements
11. Effective Cold Calling and Prospecting
12. Relationship Selling

13. The Art of Negotiation

14. Managing Customers and Gaining Referrals
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